Biology Support for Islington Schools

An INSET session was led by Heidi Foxford at City and Islington on 20th September 2011 looking at useful practicals for KS4 biology which could be adapted to KS3 or KS5 teaching. See photos of the session on Flickr.

At the start of the session Heidi spoke about the opportunity of a 500 grant to develop a plant science teaching resource, apply by 7th October 2011 to Science and Plants for Schools (SAPS)

Practical 1: Investigating photosynthesis using algae wrapped in Jelly Balls:


Practical 2: Investigating Geotrophism/gravitropism with Dandelions:

IMG_3665 Details of the experiment are on the SAPS website

Practical 3: Brine shrimp ecology in a bottle.

A link for the document on the use of brine shrimps in the classroom can be found at:

Practical 4:Dissecting Lungs:

IMG_3658 Details of the activity are on the website

Practical 5: Investigating the effect of temperature on the activity of lipase

Details of the lipase experiment can also be found on the practical biology website

Practical 6: Bottle biology - using 2 litre bottles to build your own ecosystem.

Links for details on how to build the ecosystem can be found at


Details of other experiments can be found at the: